Quality is what sets style apart from fashion.

These Residencies are idiosyncratic and true to their original style by nature. Stepping in, you are welcomed by an elegant lobby. The apartments, featuring modern finishing solutions, are designed for people that value historic milieu and minimalism.

Contemporary home solutions guarantee a comfortable and safe living environment. A cohesive well though-out compound establishes a balance, resting on timeless interior design and catering for best opportunities to expand your life in versatility also outside of your home.

Parking place under the house
A parking spot underground protects your car 24/7 against weather conditions and ensures a convenient arrival at home for you.
Spacious balconies and terraces
The apartments feature a spacious balcony or terrace.
Respectable lobby
The lobby is the calling card of your new home, welcoming visitors in style.
3-year building warranty
We want your home to be a worry-free place and provide a three-year construction warranty.
Solar panels
Solar panels are installed on the building’s roof to help to reduce accessory expenses of your future residents.
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